Black Crowes Before the Frost CD
This double album was recorded Live in the Spring of 2009 at Levon Helm's studio, The Barn. It was released on Silver Arrow Records and it's an epic showcase that captures the pure essence of Blues, Soul, and Rock elements that is The Black Crowes.

Before The Frost Track List:

1. Good Morning Captain
2. Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)
3. Appaloosa
4. A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound
5. I Ain't Hiding
6. Kept My Soul
7. What Is Home
8. Houston Don't Dream About Me
9. Make Glad
10. And The Band Played On
11. Last Place That Love Lives

Until The Freeze Track List:

1. Aimless Peacock
2. The Shady Grove
3. The Garden Gate
4. Greenhorn
5. Shine Along
6. Roll Old Jeremiah
7. Lady Of Avenue A
8. So Many Times
9. Fork In The River
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