Chris Robinson and the New Earth Mud CD
Former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson quickly stakes out his own turf on his solo debut, frequently eschewing his familiar rock rasp for a simpler, neo-folkie delivery. Tracks like the soulful "Fables," the haunting "Katie Dear," and infectious "Silver Car" most effectively navigate a new path. But ironically, Robinson's deliberate distancing from the Crowes' excesses paints him into problematic corners. The laid-back country jones he exhibits on "Sunday Sound" and "Barefoot by the Cherry Tree" often gets the best of him, while the spare, promising folk-rock of "Could You Really Love Me?" degenerates into familiar Robinson tent-revival vocal territory. If "Ride"'s funky corners and Robinson's general willingness to experiment show promise, they also suggest the singer's talents need a little competitive goosing, a reinforcement the decades-old truism that the greatest rock music is often the byproduct of the fiercest rivalries and infighting. --Jerry McCulley

Track List:
1. Safe in the Arms of Love
2. Silver Car
3. The Kids That Ain't Got None
4. Could You Really Love Me
5. Untangled My Mind
6. Fables
7. Sunday Sound
8. Barefoot By The Cherry Tree
9. Katie Dear
10. Ride
11. Better Than The Sun
12. She's On Her Way
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