Slightly Stoopid Chronchitis Vinyl LP
Southern California's Slightly Stoopid have cemented a signature sound by fusing acoustic and electric rock with blues, psychedelic dub reggae and hip-hop. Catch Chronchitis, the band's 5th studio album, produced by Mario C, Paul Leary, Miguel and Chris D out Aug 7th on Stoopid Records/ Controlled Substance Sound Labs. This stellar album features a little help from friends such as G Love, Guru of Gangstar, Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Money Mark. Track Listings 1. Anywhere I Go 2. The Otherside 3. Hold On To The One 4. 2am 5. Blood of My Blood 6. Nobody Knows 7. Above the Clouds 8. Digital 9. Round the World 10. Baby I Like It 11. Ocean 12. Jimi 13. Breakbeat (feat. DJ Hellnaw) 14. Mind on Your Music 15. Ever Really Wanted 16. Girl U So Fine/Girl U So Fine Pt 2 17. Reward for Me
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