Slightly Slightly Stoopid Closer to the Sun CD
With uncompromising artistic integrity, in a seemingly consolidated and corporate music world, 'Closer To The Sun', Slightly Stoopid's 5th release, is bound to become a landmark recording. Coming off the heels of one of independent music's colossal success stories, and one of the most successful truly independent albums of the last 2 years, 'Closer To The Sun', the band's latest offering, is destined for reaching an even wider audience. BMG. 2005. Track Listing 1. Intro 2. Babylon Is Falling 3. Somebody 4. Fat Spliffs 5. Bandelero 6. See It No Other Way 7. Nothin Over Me 8. Righteous Man 9. Up On A Plane 10. Waiting 11. Closer To The Sun 12. Zeplike 13. Comb 4 My Dome 14. Open Road
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