Slightly Stoopid The Longest Barrel Ride with 1996 Bonus Self Titled CD
STOOPIDHEADS GET READY!!!! The long awaited re-release of Slightly Stoopid s first 2 albums, both cult classics, were originally released by Sublime on their independent label, Slank Records. These albums have been out of print since 1999 and have sold for as much as $400 on eBay and feature a special, no-so-secret track featuring the late Bradley Nowell from Sublime. In re-releasing these records, we decided to package them both together in a bonus pack, for one price.

Track Listings

    Disc: 1
  1. Castles Of Sand
  2. Johnny Law
  3. Ese Loco
  4. Living Dread
  5. Don't Fuck'n Look
  6. Hands Of Time
  7. I'm So Stoned
  8. Sinking Stone
  9. Roots Rip
  10. Crazy Riff
  11. Running Away
  12. Struggler
  13. Slightly Stoopid
  14. Mr. Music
  15. Too Little Too Late
  16. Jedi
  17. Violence/FTP
  18. Just A Buzz
  19. Metal Madness
  20. Free Dub
    Disc: 2
  1. Righteous Man
  2. Operation
  3. Hey Stoopid (Live)
  4. Civil Oppression Dub
  5. Zero Tolerance
  6. Alibi s
  7. Antisocialistic
  8. Opportunities
  9. Smoke Rasta Dub
  10. Stop
  11. Wake Up Late
  12. FFP
  13. American Man
  14. To a Party
Price: $9.99
Item Weight:  5oz
Reference: SLCD05